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Clinical Research Trials

Sierra Rheumatology along with Med Investigations are actively participating in Pharmaceutical Sponsored Clinical Research trials to aid in the advancement of Arthritis related medicine.  Our team is committed to offering patients the latest and most effective treatment options available.

Research trials provide vital information and discovery of new medical knowledge for already approved marketed medications, as well as valuable data for the process of approving new medications.  The FDA requires clinical trial data before it can approve any medicine or treatment for public use as being safe and effective.

At Sierra Rheumatology, along with our research team at Med Investigations, our goal  through participation in clinical trials, is to assist in the collection of this important clinical data that will help our current and future patients in their treatment and quality of life with these new discoveries in medicine.

Through Participation in one of our trials, you may receive:

    • Free Trial Related Medical Exams and Testing
    • Free Study Related Medications
    • Paid Reimbursement for participation (for those who qualify)

To find out more about clinical trials or if you would like to participate in one of our currently enrolling trials, you can ask your physician, or contact:

Gaby Zumaran, CCRC, Study Coordinator,  GabyZumaran@hotmail.com, (916)203-4790 mobile.

Krista Bryant, Recruitment Specialist,
KristaBryant6600@gmail.com, (916)966-7452 office.

CLICK HERE for our currently active research trials and enrollment information.